XTIVIA: Innovative Enterprise Web Applications for Optimized Business Processes

Vivek Agarwal, CTO
Modern enterprises today face multiple challenges in the form of increasing consumerization and a demand for better user experiences, both by the business and the end users. The Enterprise Web Applications arena is teeming with trends that revolve around an extensive confluence of concepts like cloud, social, DevOps, microservices, cybersecurity, along with personalized and contextual user experience. “We work with our customers to devise strategies and implementation roadmaps that leverage this convergence via process, people, tools and technology,” explains Vivek Agarwal, the CTO at XTIVIA.

With more than two decades of experience in architecting, designing, developing and supporting enterprise web and mobile applications, XTIVIA has created a niche for itself as a one-stop destination for IT solutions that tackle the most complex enterprise engagements. The wide array of solutions offered by the Colorado-based enterprise web applications and services provider, leverages DevOps concepts such as continuous integration, test automation, deployment automation, continuous delivery, and Application Performance Management to accelerate application delivery. In addition the company has expertise working with Content Management Systems and digital/UX platforms such as Liferay, Responsive, Hybrid, Native Mobile Applications, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which has enabled the company to craft complete self-service solutions that support contextual, personalized application functionality, and content delivered securely on any device.

XTIVIA has kept pace with the numerous cutting-edge tools and trends in the web applications domain to help its clients in implementing highly functional applications that result in exceptional end-user experiences. The iterative and transparent development process offered by the company ensures an on-time delivery of functional software that facilitates interoperability within the organization. The mature QA procedures that incorporate automated unit and functional testing, end-user experience testing, and load testing, guarantee the overall quality of the implementation process.

The company has proven expertise delivering successful enterprise software project executions for some of the leading companies in America. Of the many successful customer stories involving enterprise web application development, recently XTIVIA developed and implemented a partner portal solution for Hewlett Packard, leveraging the power of Liferay, an enterprise open source portal software.

Our passionate approach, combined with a dedicated leadership team and an unparalleled technical staff, creates customer relationships that stand the test of time

The aggressively scheduled project had a roll out period of only 11 months during which all 7 HP portals with a web audience of tens of thousands, spread across 171 countries, were consolidated, and given a major user experience upgrade and delivered in 25 languages.

Amongst a plethora of technical advisory and consulting services available in the market, XTIVIA differentiates itself by providing innovative technical expertise that spans a wide array of disciplines that include Business Intelligence, CRM, database services and enterprise application integration. “Our passionate approach, combined with a dedicated leadership team and an unparalleled technical staff, creates customer relationships that stand the test of time,” remarks Agarwal. XTIVIA’s project lifecycle framework is based on a potent mix of agile, iterative, and scrum based processes to ensure total transparency and the delivery of high-caliber software and solutions.

With a focus on bringing the user perspective into the processes and illuminating the risks and issues at the earliest possible point during a project, the company provides strategic consulting solutions that extend well beyond the framework of a single project. XTIVIA plans to continue working with new digital experience platforms, portals, and content management systems to deliver measurable value to its customers. “Our success is based on our philosophy of continual improvement, which enables us to innovate and grow our delivery capabilities in a rapidly evolving technology landscape,” concludes Agarwal.


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Vivek Agarwal, CTO

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