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Traditional methods of web application development— that involves crunching innumerous lines of codes on text editors, creating the build file and then testing it for errors—have long since become cumbersome and time-consuming processes to deal with. In the middle of planning and deployment of an application, there is often a disconnected workflow between the technology and business models. In addition to this, effective collaboration with in-house systems, secure firewall protocols that restrict access to limited parties, further mandate the development and deployment of enterprise web applications to be impelling and efficient. Time-consuming conventional methods and aforementioned challenges in web application development space coupled with an increase in the demand for quicker services marked the genesis of michaels, ross & cole.

Since its inception, the firm has endeavored to bring atypical changes in the web application development landscape. Acknowledging the challenges in this arena, the firm came up with a unique product, namely m-power, which takes coding out of the development process. m-power enables development of web applications, such as executive dashboards, e-commerce websites, customer portals, and mobile applications without coding. The absence of any proprietary language enables anyone to develop a web application while its open architecture makes multiple platform implementations easy. In addition, the product has a user-friendly point-and-click interface and runs in the cloud or on-promise environment making it an attractive and amenable solution. It also generates mobile and tablet version every time web application is built.

The easy-to-use m-power solution in combination with other functional features offered by the company has lured many prominent names to leverage it in their organization. Over the years, michaels, ross & cole has roped in industry giants, such has Ford, GSK, MBS, and many more. With excellent, adept, and responsive customer service, the firm has deepened customer relationship thus providing impetus to the growth of the organization. The firm takes pride in client success stories depicting how m-power has helped organizations simplify and streamline business processes. In one such case, MBS Textbook Exchange, a client of michaels, ross & cole, strengthened its technology infrastructure, by making accumulation and processing of data easy within the organization by using m-power.

The absence of any proprietary language enables anyone to develop a web application while its open architecture makes multiple platform implementations easy

“It’s been huge for MBS, it allows us all to make decisions faster. I’m personally really proud of how far it’s come, from something that just marketing services was using to something that the whole company is using,” extols Wendy Gish, Director of Marketing Services at MBS Textbook Exchange.

FMS, another client of michaels, ross & cole, had also struggled with service delivery until they came across m-power. Paraphrasing Tim Laycock, President of Information Technology, FMS, their staff—both non-technical and technical—were able to pick up on the reporting solution and push reports to clients within a matter of a few days after training.’

Everything in the IT world is temporary and building an everlasting solution is next to impossible. Therefore, all organizations should engage in architecting strategies to steer growth in impending years. From future standpoint, michaels, ross & cole aims to enhance the existing features offered by m-power. Following the strategy, the firm has launched m-power DX at the beginning of the year, which is a data exploration add-on to the m-power platform. Apart from this, the firm also wishes to provide single sign-on interface through which m-power can be utilized across different platforms.

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