OutSystems: Simplified Application Development

Paulo Rosado, CEO
The current scenario is one that has anointed web applications as the building blocks of every enterprise, thrusting the necessity for business organizations to quickly deliver applications in a cost-effective manner. However, a majority of IT professionals say that it takes more than three months on an average, to develop a web or mobile application, leading to considerable dissatisfaction in the required speed for application delivery. However, catchphrases such as low-code development and the technology associated with it, have set the stage for faster mobile application development and deployment. To this end, OutSystems develops low-code platforms for rapid application development, helping organizations build enterprise-grade applications and transform their businesses rapidly. By replacing the complex world of building applications with simple and ultra-fast visual-modeling, OutSystems eliminates offline data synchronization, native device access, and on-device business logic to assist their clients deliver business innovations at lower costs.

The company’s solution is among the very few that combine the power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities to enable visual development of entire application portfolios. The platform easily integrates with enterprise’s existing systems, through its in-house project tracking component, which offers powerful, yet simple, project-tracking and collaboration, to support fast and continuous delivery of applications. OutSystems also provides connectors to leading tools like JIRA and Rally, and APIs to enable easy integration with enterprise ALM platform. Further, the platform streamlines the whole process enabling developers to easily build web applications and portals that delight customers also relieving enterprises from relying on third parties for delivery.

The firm helps in crafting innovative applications featuring leading-edge omni-channel experience that perform great on any platform and device—from desktop browsers to companion applications running on tablets and mobile phones. OutSystems’s full-stack Visual Development platform, a visual framework, offers drag-and-drop functionality with pixel-perfect controls for user interface, business processes, logic, and data models to create back-end and front-end of cross-platform applications. The development platform is incorporated with more than 140 patterns and controls along with a library of world class UI widgets that can be added to an application with just a few clicks.

By offering powerful tools and single-click deployment options, OutSystems helps organizations in expedited implementation and delivery of applications

Further, OutSystems being an open standards-based platform with no lock-in, no proprietary data models, enterprises can count on worry-free, future-proof implementations. The developers can also add their own codes for including additional features according to industry specific needs.

By offering powerful tools and single-click deployment options, OutSystems helps organizations in expedited implementation and delivery of applications. The software also updates with one click and automatically tracks changes in addition to handling database scripts and deployment processes. The company’s unique capabilities in seamlessly bringing enterprise-grade applications to the market, consuming the least possible time is well expressed by their clients. For instance, David Lightfoot, VP of Product Management at FICO says “We reduced our development hours by 75 percent and got to the market three times faster using OutSystems.”

Furthermore, the solution also features customizable performance dashboards that provide real-time detailed performance reports and performance metrics through automated instrumentation and monitoring. By utilize this metric statistics IT managers can easily identify and fine tune faults immediately to ensure peak performance. In addition, the platform analyzes all models and immediately refactors dependencies to modify database tables automatically.

With a strong global presence and thousands of customers trusting OutSystems for application development, the company is recognized as a key player in bringing about digital transformation. Led by a management team that combines vast experience from all areas of the IT industry, the company is forging ahead with strong vision to help enterprises be successful and innovative through technology.


Atlanta, GA

Paulo Rosado, CEO

Provides a platform that allows to visually develop web application, integrate with existing systems and add user code when needed